Slick and Sleek

November 8, 2012

Yes, the snow has fallen here in the Northeast.  The ground was slick, the air was cold, and I was not prepared for the first snowfall this morning.  As much as I love the snow + cold weather, I am not ready to say goodbye to the beautiful Fall weather we've been having.  Anyways, the snow had me thinking about some of my favorite, chic and sleek cold weather accessories.   My wellies and leather boots are essential.  On a rainy or snowy day, I often wear my Wellies to work and slip on my dressy shoes once I'm in the office.  I love bright, patterned scarfs, which add pop to any outfit, and I love my "tech" gloves which have a small touch screen compatible fabric on the index finger and thumb, which means I never have to put my beloved iPhone away.  But my favorite cold weather accessories are my fur vests, which are easy to wear and look great over a blazer, blouse or even a long sleeve t-shirt (for warmer days).  Thanks for reading.  Stay warm.

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