Avoiding Digital Eye Fatigue // with Pixel Eyewear

November 27, 2016

Leopard is the new neutral.  Am I right ladies??

I started my new job 4 weeks ago now.  I have to admit the first few weeks were tough.  I found myself exhausted half way through the work week, which was totally unlike me.  My eyes were burning and that exhausted feeling just consumed me.  Who knows if the adjustment of my new schedule and increased screen time were to blame.  Admittedly, I spend a good portion of my days 'in the glow', between Instagram and Facebook, checking emails and blogging at home...  But in this digital age we live, theres really no avoiding it.  

The timing couldn't have been more perfect when Pixel Eyewear reached out and asked me to try their glasses.  If you haven't heard of Pixel Eyewear, they've been featured in Vogue and Inc.com.  The lens are designed with a slightly yellow tint which helps to block some of the strong, artificial blue lights gleaming from computer and device screens that our eyes aren't really meant to handle. Their frames are super stylish, and available at a great price point!  I knew it could only help my tired eye situation.  I picked the Ventus and Omni styles, and they've been fantastic.  Plus, it's fun to wear glasses without a prescription :)  I try to wear my Pixels at least a few hours a day while I'm at my computer or on my iPad.  I've found I'm less tired at that mid-afternoon slump.  I've also tried to make other adjustments like going to bed earlier (I'm a night owl), drinking less coffee and exercising at least 4-5 days a week.

If you suffer from digital eye fatigue like me, you should get yourself a pair.  For a limited time, you can receive $5 your first pair with code: 'kristy5'.  See all the styles Pixel Eyewear has to offer here.   I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


outfit details

top: BP Nordstrom (only $19)  //  jeans: 'Good Vibes' BlankNYC  //  scarf: ASOS  //  purse: Topshop (old), shop similar here  //  glasses: Pixel Eyewear in 'Ventus' (c/o)  //  shades: Ray-Ban  //  lips: Bite Beauty (c/o Influenster for testing purposes)  //  heels: Marc Fisher 'Zala'  //  

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  1. Sitting at a computer all day can be killer. I definitely need a pair of these



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